Terrace ‘The Leisure’

Around a mechanical-looking gear construction, time passes with an infinite ticking, pointer and number without the need for the art project ‘the leisure’; a mobile terrace with a mobile buffet. This form of catering art can pop up on any given day in woods, on heathlands or on the beach. Each table has a sound unit, with the mechanical ticking of an alarm clock, which together creates a sound field.

Tea egg for 4 persons

Ceramic installation shows a family of these creatures



For a group exhibition in the Der Aa church in Groningen, I provided six prayer chairs with wheels so that spectators could step from one installation to another.

Dutch Vegetable Eggs

Under the top soil are a large number of loudspeakers that suggest the growth of my Dutch Vegetable Eggs. The large number of eggs creates a sound field.

Travel stories

8 bottles float in the water. Each bottle generates a wide variety of soft flageolet tones, which escape in an almost meditative atmosphere. A light breeze, however, suggests the origin of this sound field.

String instrument

Iron with a shade for ironing board. The shade has a gothic shape.

hight : 154 cm

Behind the violin keys are two loudspeakers that reproduce the sound of falling drops, silenced in ecclesiastical reverberation. This makes the sound appear to have a length of about 150 cm.



Skin; chop and horns

painted version with horns and a soapstone plinth


smoked sausages and axes


Behind two shells is the sound of whipping rope (150cm wide)