Balance like a flower

It is the rotation, called “the Figura Serpetinata”, which guides the viewer around an image, as we also know it from the work of Jean Giambologna and Adriaen de Vries.

They are the surfaces in an image that follow the movement like a staircase upwards. and the opposite, it is a downward movement like a stream of light from the sun that falls down like a water jet.

We also find this in the work of Rodin and Rik Wouters.

Paul de Vos (1960) recognizes the laws of Baroque art and gives the work the graceful stroke of the Art Nouveau, an art movement with origins in growth and nature.

Proportions such as the Golden Ratio, made up of rhythms, form the basis of the figurative abstraction in his work.

Paul builds on these sculptural laws and lets people in their pure form take center stage, thus expressing the vulnerability of the human being. Paul knows the essence of his work and sculpts energy, life energy in all its facets, the energy of a flower.

The bronze sculptures using the ceramic shell casting process at; Artcasting, Oudenaarde, Belgium. This guarantees a razor-sharp transfer of all details. After the casting the work is finished and patinated by the Buyse family in Zottegem.